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 About Viscount V Creations Ltd

Viscount V Creations Ltd publishes picture books and books that have a story which has both fiction and non fiction elements and appeals to young children's great imagination. The books explore complex themes about everyday lifestyle and are done in an engaging way whilst at the same time helping to get important messages across. Our style is imaginative and fun with unique and original concepts. They range from adorable animals to unusual characters as seen in our main children’s educational initiative on healthy eating. This sees a story about a young vulture told through a series of picture books, songs, audio books and videos as he goes on a journey around the world in search of a way to save animals in his kingdom from eating too much human junk food. 

Our Products

Viscount V Creations Ltd offers unique, colourful and original products that range from children educational books, videos, songs and gifts that are inspirational in the messages portrayed, all designed to convey positivity, promote healthy lifestyles, mindfulness and well-being among children with the support of their parents and educators

Our Team

We have a team of talented in-house designers who create our books, designs, artwork and prints which are on our products, as such what you will find at Viscount V Creations Ltd is distinctive in style and originality and will not be found anywhere else. We continue to introduce new lines each year, as such there will always be something unique and original in our collections.

Our Main Brand - Viscount Vulchico Know Your Food Group Healthy Eating Initiative

Meet the main character

These are the main characters that support Viscount Vulchico on his journey around the world to learn about the main food groups that make up healthy eating. These are vegetables, fruits, healthy carbohydrates and proteins.



Viscount Vulchico Know Your Food Groups Picture Books Collection


Viscount Vulchico Know Your Food Groups Songs

Our ViViChatter Site that follows Viscount Vulchico as he goes around the world to learn about the main food groups that make up healthy eating