Modern Slavery Statement

As a company Viscount V Creations Ltd does recognise that there is a responsibility to ensure that we challenge and combat slavery and human trafficking as part of the retail industry. As such, we make this statement in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and it also outlines what actions we are required to take and are taking with regards to what our responsibilities are under Section 54 of the Act 2017.


Viscount V Creations is based in the United Kingdom, but continues to grow through our ecommerce business and mainly sell our products online. Our headquarters are in the UK retail where our Company began, and this is where our large part of our business is. 


Viscount V Creations currently works with 30 supplies who produce the quality products that we sell in our online shop. We believe that it is essential to understand as well as recognise how our supply chain works and how our production processes functions and where the risks associated with modern slavery and trafficking lie. 

We require each supplier to ensure that they understand our commitment to tackling modern slavery, as such they will be required to examine and sign our supplier manual and this provides details of all our ethical and legal policies. The supplier will be expected to adhere to this before we can agree any trading with us, and this includes them understanding our Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy. 

Suppliers are required and must be transparent with regards to what their factory is based on and they must also provide us with a full list of all factories that will be producing Viscount V Creations products. This will include a full ethical audit which will meet our strict audit criteria. 


Each audit will be reviewed and graded by our specialist independent audit team, who will ensure that what is submitted by suppliers adheres and meets our Code of Conduct which falls in line with International Labour Organisation conventions. Our Code of Conduct must be displayed throughout every factory that produces our products. Production will only commence once we are satisfied that all factories have been reviewed and the approval process which means are requirements is signed off by the Viscount V Creations Director. We expect our factories to have a relationship with us where the risks associated with Modern Slavery are clearly mitigated and demonstrated by all our suppliers and factories.


Our Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy clearly sets out our continuous commitment to preventing modern slavery. Our Ethical Trading Policy has also been developed in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Our policies and procedures pertaining to tackling modern slavery are regularly reviewed in line with any national and international legislation changes and will do so on a yearly basis.


All employees, to include contractors will be expected to undertake the Modern Slavery training provided by the company, which is compulsory. The training developed by the company will be extended to all our suppliers and factories to ensure that there is consistency between the company and suppliers in relation to training provided. Our buying and quality team are expected to regularly travel to visit all our suppliers and factories, and this forms part of the assurance process which will enable us to address any risks associated with modern. The training centres on ensuring that there is continuous monitors and engagement with our suppliers as well as all the key individuals working for Viscount V Creations to prevent